In today's music industry, where October's hot property is November's has-been, the fear of obsolescence exerts a powerful influence on many performers. Unless, of course, you're the Frisky Frolics. With a ukulele-driven program of such Tin Pan Alley-era classics as "Cake Eatin’ Man" and "My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes," the quintet revels in the outdated, dusty gems from our grandparents' 78 rpm record collections.

In the hands of Rick "The Dimestore Dandy" Quisol (ukulele, vocals, kan-zoo), Yanos Lustig (sax, piano), Craig Ventresco ( lead guitar) and Chris "TeeGee" Green (acoustic bass, backing vocals), the Jazz Age ditties shimmer and sway, tickling the funny bone while soothing the soul. But, as a growing number of Frisky Frolics fans can tell you, the group's shows are about far more than music. Performances include vintage clothing and props that further enhance the magic of the long-lost musical treasures.

The Frolics offer a unique opportunity to travel back in time to an era when the harsh realities of the Depression were temporarily softened by snappy tunes, droll lyrics, and the occasional ferocious kazoo solo.